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Why it Matters What You Put on Your Skin

Be honest—have you ever really read the ingredients on the back of your skincare product labels? Many people don’t bother to read what their favourite skincare products are made out of; so long as those products are within their budget and seem to be working just fine, they couldn’t care less what’s in them. However, not paying attention to what you put on your skin could lead to serious skin problems in the future, or at the very least, a lot of wasted money on products that don’t really work. Read on to find out why it matters so much what you put on your skin.

Our Skin Has Different Needs

While there are generally four basic skin types (normal, dry, oily and combination) everyone’s skin is unique. Not everyone who has the same skin type will have all the same concerns. Some oily-skinned people may struggle with acne while others enjoy enviably clear skin apart from the excessive oil production. Gender also plays a role; men and women have very different skincare needs. This is why men would benefit from using products specifically designed to cater to male skin, such as those by Frederick Benjamin.

Frederick Benjamin is a men’s grooming product line that offers effective targeted treatments such as their bestselling razor bump removal cream. Men who regularly shave would find great use for this product, while women and men who don’t have a lot of facial hair probably wouldn’t need it at all.

Again, everyone’s skin is different, and you have to pay attention to your own distinctive skin and learn what it needs so you can decide what to put on it.

Certain Ingredients Can Cause Irritation or Allergies

Allergies are pretty tricky; you may not even be aware that you are allergic to certain substances until you make the mistake of coming into contact with them and suffering a painful reaction. If you have very sensitive or extremely reactive skin, it’s especially important to check the ingredients of your skincare products to make sure they don’t contain any known allergens or irritants.

In general, it’s best to stick to products with shorter ingredients lists, to lessen the chances of them containing a substance that your skin just doesn’t agree with.

Poorly Formulated Products Can Straight up Damage Your Skin

A lot of inexpensive drugstore products contain ingredients that are too harsh and abrasive on your skin. Skin is actually surprisingly resilient, and when it’s in its best condition, it can renew and repair itself impressively well and fairly quickly. But using overly harsh and poorly-formulated skincare products can weaken your natural skin barrier, which is the protective layer of your skin that does the most work to heal and restore itself.

A damaged skin barrier will be unable to keep out bad bacteria or hold on to healthy nutrients and adequate moisture. This leads to breakouts, rashes, irritation, inflammation and increased sensitivity. Make sure you aren’t putting ingredients that are too strong or potent on your skin so your natural skin barrier can remain healthy and balanced.

At the end of the day, what you put on your skin can have a big effect on its health and appearance. We want to nourish and care for our skin, not mistreat or damage it in any way. That’s why it’s crucial to pay attention to the substances we put on it.

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