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What you Probably Don’t Know about Herpes

Herpes is a notorious sexually-transmitted disease (STD). However, it is usually manageable without long-term effects on the sufferer’s physical health. Being infected with herpes is often not only about battling the infection. It also comes with some emotional consequences. That is why sufferers should not hesitate to seek help and learn about the infection to determine the right approach to it. They should look for a natural herpes treatment to manage the infection.

Herpes Pain Has Fearful Components

Those who have herpes are more afraid of the infection than other sexually-transmitted diseases. They don’t care about the potential of other STDs to cause severe damage to their general health. Being diagnosed with herpes comes with emotional troubles.
The need to inform their partner about their predicament is usually a big deal for sufferers.

However, people with herpes must remember that the infection is quite common. It is likely to get less serious over time. To protect their sex partners, it is best to avoid a sexual activity altogether during the outbreaks and use condoms at other times.

The Infection is Spread by those without the Symptoms

The majority of those infected with herpes are not aware of the infection so they continue their sexual life without precautions. Studies have shown that women are at a higher risk of getting infected with the virus than men. Such risk tends to increase for those who have many sexual partners in their lifetime. Signs of herpes can include open sores and genital blisters. To reduce the risk of transmission, sufferers can use condoms and take antiviral medications that their doctor can prescribe.

Symptoms Differ in Patients

Some herpes sufferers will not experience the outbreak of herpes for months or years following the transmission. This makes it hard to determine the source of the infection. For other people, the symptoms can occur as early as 6 days after infection and can include painful urination, blisters in the genital area, headache, fever and lymph node swelling.

Genital herpes impacts the private parts, which makes the symptoms similar in both males and females. However, pregnant women with herpes can experience complications and pass the virus on to their baby.

Frequency of Herpes Outbreaks

Herpes outbreaks can recur, depending on the person’s immune system. This is the reason some people can have one outbreak every year while others encounter at least six. The only to keep the virus under control is to have a healthy immune system.

Those who have herpes must not consume big quantities of alcohol, avoid stress and consume just healthy foods. There are also cases that prove the potential of sunburn to trigger herpes. It is imperative for sufferers to be aware of their herpes triggers to prevent any herpes episodes.

Getting Treatments

There is no herpes cure; however, antiviral medications can minimize the duration and intensity of the symptoms. In fact, some of these medications can reduce the frequency of outbreaks. Also, there are vaccines for herpes that are still under investigation to determine their effectiveness in preventing herpes infections in young girls.

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