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What are the health benefits of Epsom Salt?

Chemically known as magnesium sulfate—the Epsom salt is inorganic salt containing magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen, with the formula MgSO4.It is not actually a salt but a naturally formed mineral compound of sulfate and magnesium.

It is long known for the best remedy for a number of ailments. The salt has various health benefits as well has amazing contribution in beautifying households. Epsom salt is also used for gardening.

From different studies it have been found, that magnesium and sulfate both easily get absorbed through the permeable skin of human beings. Thus, using Epsom salts in the bath water can start showing results instantly.

  • Magnesium has numerous roles to perform in the body like regulating the activity of about 325 enzymes, reducing inflammation, helping muscle as well as the nerves to work smoothly and also prevents artery hardening.
  • Sulfate helps in improving the absorption of nutrients, draining out the toxins and helps in easing headaches and more.

A list of Health Benefits of Epsom salt-

Stress releasing and relaxing

It relieves stress. Excess stress results in draining of magnesium. It also increases the level of adrenaline. The skin also absorbs the Epsom salt and refills the magnesium requirement of the body and helps in relaxing the nervous system. The process contributes immensely to fight insomnia and to draw concentration. Also, by producing more ATP, it helps to boost energy and stamina.

Pain reliever

Epsom salt is incredible in reducing pain, inflammation, curing bronchial asthma, sores, headaches, migraines and so on. It also helps in healing the cuts and soreness caused by childbirth. Epson salt works as a great cleanser and healer for your tired and smelly feet. To neutralize the foot odor after wearing shoes for several hours, soak your feet in a mixture of Epsom salt and some hot water for best results.

Better muscles and nerve functioning

Epsom salts regulate electrolytes in body which improves the proper functioning of muscles, enzymes, and nerves. Human body needs the sufficient resource of magnesium that boosts the calcium. It works as electric impulses of body as well.

Toxins elimination

Epsom salt has sulfate which flushes the toxins as well as the unwanted heavy metals from the cells. This eases the muscle pain as the harmful substances are removed from the body. As the human skin is a permeable membrane it takes in minerals from the bath salts and process reverse osmosis that drags out the harmful toxins from human body.

These are some of the health benefits of Epsom salt.

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