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Treatment For Acne And Scars Using Herb

If you have been trying to get a treatment for acne, you surely know that there are many kinds of treatment available out there. All methods of treatment either over the counter or by prescription have their own pros and cons.

Many people are moving away from the traditional treatment using prescription drugs nowadays. Likewise for acne problem, herbal treatment has caught up wild fires. More and more people are relying on herbal for acne treatment.

Why are more people turning away from prescription drugs?

Antibiotics is the most commonly used drug in pharmaceutical treatment for acne. In fact many of the prescription drugs for acne are using antibiotics.

One of the disadvantages of treatment using antibiotics is that the treatment becomes less effective when the body becomes more tolerant to the drug. Another thing is that you have to go through many hit and miss trial until you find the product that works for you.

If you are worry about the side effect of acne treatment, herbal treatment for acne are known to have less side effects compared to pharmaceutical drug treatment.

One of the very popular drug which is used for acne treatment is Accutane. This drug is a vitamin A based and it is very strong and controversial as well.

The function of Accutane is to close the pores of the body. The understanding is that when the pores are closed they will be prevented from clogging.

Despite of its effectiveness, Accutane on the other hand has some very serious side effects. It could cause liver damage and major birth defects. Patients who are on Accutane are required to take blood test on a weekly basis.

Using this drug could lead to some very serious cases like mental instability and suicides. Obviously you have to weight in risk versus benefits.

Why is acne herbal treatment preferable?

Does acne herbal treatment completely safe? The answer is no one knows for sure. Does it 100% effective? The answer is no. There is no treatment that is 100% effective. Herbal treatment is more like able because it is herbal and plant base.

Herbal treatment are known to have less side effects that could cause other medical problems. Some of them have the reputation for healing dated back to the ancients time. Since it is from plant people tend to associate it with natural and pure.

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