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Top Reasons Why Venaseal Is Best Varicose Vein Treatment Procedure

There are lots of causes of varicose veins that are primarily manifested as enlarged, twisted, or swollen veins that tend to appear dark purplish to blue. It is therefore not surprising that approximately one in four adult Americans is affected by the condition, which despite not having any severe health implications can lead to lots of discomforts. For many people, however, the concern is on cosmetic reasons as the goal is to get rid of the not-so-good-looking varicose veins on their legs. All in all, the risks of having varicose veins is dominantly higher on pregnant women, and people who are overweight given the added pressure on their legs.

While treatment for varicose veins is not considered a necessity medically, it is the right cause of action to take for anyone with the condition. No one ever feels comfortable having to walk around while being worried about how their legs or feet look like as there is nothing beautiful about the swollen veins. Luckily, regardless of the reasons behind why one needs to have varicose veins treatments, there are lots of effective treatment procedures that one can opt for.

Currently, the go-for procedure that has revolutionized how varicose veins are treated is VenaSeal that is an FDA-approved system that has come as the perfect alternative to surgical procedures. This treatment procedure is primarily recommended for visible varicose veins that are close to the surface. A defining element if this varicose vein treatment is that it works by introducing a medical adhesive to the affected veins. The medical glue will then result in the vein shutting, and in the process, the stagnated blood that causes varicose veins to be redirected into other veins or vessels.

A winning edge for VenaSeal is that unlike most thermal-based procedures is that there is low or no risk of nerve injury, which is a major worry for most patients. This is because there is no use of laser or radiofrequency energy, but instead a precision-guided introduction of a medical adhesive to a varicose vein. The result is that unlike radiofrequency abrasion, after the procedure, patients are not necessitated to wear compression stockings allowing them to instantly resume their duties. However, during the procedure, a small bandage is placed over the area where a small acupuncture is made with most patients experience little to no discomforts.

Despite a needle being used to inject the medical glue, Venaseal in Boise eliminates the need for multiple needle sticks as it is administered without using tumescent anesthesia. Nonetheless, it is not every patient that is the right candidate for the procedure, and it takes a specialized vein doctor to determine whether one should go for the procedure or not. Overly, the minimally invasive procedure is recommended for most patients with surface varicose veins, and it takes the shortest time to be completed. The results of Venaseal varicose vein treatment are equally incredible, with patients having the pleasures of instantly noticeable results. In the end, for its efficiency, only seasoned professionals who have the record for handling the procedure should have the go-ahead to treat your varicose veins.

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