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Things That You Should Know About Partial Dentures

If you have to replace any one or multiple number of teeth then you need to go for partial dentures. Partials are mainly of two kinds, which are removable and permanent. It is also called bridges. Removable dentures are more affordable and are used commonly. Permanent dentures are surgically implanted into your bone tissues under the gum.

What are partial dentures?

This is needed to replace your teeth by matching with your existing teeth with pink or actual color of the gum. With the help of partial dentures, you can prevent shifting of your other teeth so that you can prevent any further dental problem. After doing partial denture you can easily eat your food and also talk naturally.

Various types of partials

If you need dentures then following are the choices available to you.

  • Acrylic: mostly people opt for this as it is more affordable. However, it can be bulky and sometimes little uncomfortable.

  • Cast metal: base is made out of metal and it is much stronger and comfortable too.
  • Flexible: this is the upgraded version of the above types and is much more comfortable and also fit much better.

What can you expect from your dentist?

This procedure will require several numbers of visits. During your initial visit, dentist will take impression of your mouth in order to develop suitable mold matching your mouth. Initially, he will create a model using wax or plastic and will try to adjust in your mouth. The dentist will provide you temporary denture till the actual one is ready.

Initially, you may feel little uncomfortable as it may be either too loose or too tight. There will be feeling of irritation and soreness and there will be excess secretion of saliva too. There will be some difficulty in speaking and eating. If the same thing persists then you may tell your dentist to make some adjustment. You should never try to adjust it yourself as it can damage the denture. Initially, you must take soft food and then gradually shift to hard food.

In the beginning, you may experience discomfort while speaking or eating. However, in due course of time you may get adjusted. Initially, you should take only soft food and then gradually shift to harder food after consulting your dentist.

How to take care of Partials?

Initially, you must clean your partials daily by using special type of cleanser provided by your dentist. Avoid your normal toothpaste as it can be too abrasive. You must use softer brush meant for only this purpose.

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