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The Healthy Way to See a Movie

This may surprise you, but going to the movies can be one of the healthiest forms of relaxation you can find.  I know that you may be shaking your heads at this, because you are thinking of all the time spent munching on all the popcorn and hot dogs, drinking down lots of sweetened beverages, and sitting in a seat not getting the slightest bit of exercise.  Yet in truth, that can be a healthier endeavor than swallowing lots of chlorinated water in a swimming pool or pounding your knees while jogging down concrete sidewalks and risking your life every time you cross streets where cars fly by at minimum speeds of a mile a minute.

Of course, there’s a catch to the equation.  And that is making certain you have been getting enough exercise before you go to the movie theater.  For example, you and your companion can spend some time playing tennis or squash, biking or working out at your gym.  After a good 30-60 minutes of exercise at the gym, or in a pick-up game of basketball, or going for a power walk you can shower and then go to the movie theater to sit back and relax.  You can use a Groupon coupon to order your tickets in advance from Fandango.  Then all you need to do after your workout is to shower, get dressed and head for the theater.  You can head inside, get your popcorn and drink and settle back to enjoy the latest picture.

One great strategy for some people is to ride their bikes to the movie theater, where they lock them to a pole or bike rack, get the tickets they’ve purchased in advance using a Groupon coupon discount and go right in to see the film.  Some cinemas set aside a locale where bikes can be securely locked by their riders.  Bike riders can then relax and watch the film, then pedal home after having an after-movie snack at a nearby bistro or sandwich shop.  A nice bike ride together, a movie and a good meal is hard to match when you want to have a date that combines healthy exercise, enjoyable entertainment and good food all on the same excursion.

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