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How to Deal with Mobility Problems in the Home

It is inevitable that as we get older, we will suffer from more health conditions, either acute or chronic, but something that is not often discussed is the challenges that many elderly people face when it comes to moving around their own homes. Mobility problems, joint soreness, balance issues, and other health concerns can quite literally make mobility in the home unsafe on a daily basis.

Not Just a Problem for Our Elderly

It would be remiss, of course, not to highlight the very real plight that many people with neuromuscular conditions and other illnesses face on a daily basis. While we might all know an elderly relative who has trouble getting up the stairs in his or her own home and requires assistance, the fact is that many thousands of people around the country suffering from other diseases and hereditary conditions face an uphill battle in this area.

For example, conditions such as muscular dystrophy, which are more common in society than any of us might want to admit, do not discriminate based on age. That is to say, there are many young people who are also afflicted by mobility problems and need some extra help just getting around their own homes. What is sad is that many people focus on helping such people in public but often forget how difficult it can be for them to enjoy living in their own homes from day to day.

A Better Solution for Getting Around the Home

Whether young or old, a person with mobility problems will engage with more physical risk on a daily basis than the rest of us. The simple acts of getting around the home or climbing stairs that most of us take for granted is not an option that is available for many such individuals without extra assistance. But having live-at-home care can reduce a person’s sense of independence.

The good news is that new or refurbished straight stairlifts in Worcester can be a tremendous aid to people who are unable or find it very difficult to climb their own stairs at home. A company that specialises in stairlifts typically provides the following services:

  • Meeting to discuss specific requirements for the individual
  • Deciding on the right stairlift model
  • Installing the stairlift
  • Providing follow-up servicing and repairs

The fact is that many people are hospitalised each year because of falling and tripping accidents that happened in their very own homes. Many of these people are elderly and have mobility problems. A stint in hospital can be serious for people such as this who may also be frail in other ways and even immunocompromised. Having a stairlift professionally installed can minimise the risk to anyone living at home with a mobility challenge.

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