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Five Main Benefits of Portable Oxygen Concentrators

A serious lung condition can limit your ability to live your life to the fullest. However, you can make a difference in your situation by having a portable oxygen concentrator on hand. The machine allows you to breathe fresh wherever you may go.  Before this device was introduced in the market, oxygen users depended on their respiratory equipment company when doing even simple activities. Their away from their machine was limited. To ensure they wouldn’t run out of oxygen, they tended to stock on oxygen tanks. But things change when portable oxygen concentrators came into the limelight. Here are the benefits of these innovative machines:

You Use them on your Terms

Portable Oxygen Concentrators provide freedom for oxygen patients. Because you always have them with you, you can always plan out your daily activities in advance. These devices provide an unlimited oxygen supply wherever you carry them. They can be powered by either external battery or external battery packs or both.

They Provide you with Better Mobility and Convenience

These oxygen concentrators tend to be lightweight and compact which makes them quite convenient to carry where you choose to go. In fact, they can allow you to continue your employment, take part in physical activities or engage in social activities. You just need to pick them up and go where and when you want. You can imagine how more convenient your life becomes when you don’t have to stay at home because you are tied down to a huge oxygen tank.

They Ensure you Always Comply with your Oxygen Therapy

Because of your lung conditions, you will have to undergo oxygen therapy to stay active and healthy. Without your oxygen, your therapy goals won’t be achieved. Portable oxygen concentrators help in driving better compliance to your therapy. Since the devices are quite small and lightweight, you will always take your prescribed oxygen whenever you go to places.

They Let you Stay Physically Active

If you buy Inogen One G3 Lightweight Oxygen Machine, you can take part in a wide range of physical activities. The machine promotes an active lifestyle and let you engage in activities like walking, cycling and even water aerobics, which can help you maintain a healthier and stronger body.

They can be Customized to Meet your Specific Needs

Whether you are suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic bronchitis or emphysema, you can use a portable oxygen concentrator that suits your needs. A lot of these devices can provide both continuous flow and a pulse-flow delivery which lets you pick the form of oxygen therapy that is perfect for you.

Overall, portable oxygen concentrators have revolutionized the way people with chronic lung conditions can treat their disease. They no longer have to be tied down to their machine, which limits their ability to continue to live a good quality of life. With the portable versions of oxygen tanks, users can get back to a life they enjoy by carrying these easy-to-use devices with them no matter where they choose to go.

Author Bio – Stanley E. Braun – Respiratory Therapist, Respiratory Care Practitioner and Health Care Professional. Over 20 years of experience in respiratory care. Provides a wide range of therapeutic and diagnostic services to patients with heart and lung disorders.

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