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Eye Problems? Foresee the Future with Healthy Eyes

Some people are born lucky with the perfect 20/20 eyesight and no eye problems. However, as we age we must not ignore our eyes. Needless to say, eyes are the most delicate part of our body and very precious to us. It is one of the most valuable sense organs that helps us see the outside world. Eyesight is a gift that guides us to have numerous wonderful experiences and treasurable memories.

We are able to appreciate a scenery, a beautiful art, a breathtaking picture and all this is possible because of our eye sight. Since our eyes are very delicate they often get inflicted with various problems and sometimes it may go unnoticed if we do not address it properly on time. In our busy life schedule, you must find a good doctor near you. You can go through the yellow pages and search for eye doctor near me and schedule an appointment.

Here we will discuss some eye issues and how to solve them

Dry eyes

This is the most common problem to those who wear contact lenses on a regular basis. Even if you are wearing an oxygen rich contact lenses you must understand that the oxygen embedded in the lens has a shelf life and as it diminishes the lens becomes hard and minute crystals start forming. Now most of the people do not notice such small details and continue wearing it for long hours.

First and foremost, dispose the lens on time and do not extend it several weeks. Additionally, use lubricant eye drops. Most of the eye drops will help in keeping your eye wet and facilitate oxygen within the eye ball. Also try not to use lens when you are at home, let your eyes get the right amount of oxygen.

Twitching and itching

Twitching of the eyes are the most common problem that most of us face. It is not a grave problem but it indicates a lot of things like you must be taking excess caffeine, stressed out, not getting enough sleep or fatigued. Itching can occur to anyone whose tear glands are failing to produce enough tears in order to keep the eyes lubricated. Often people have pink eyes and it is referred to as a pink eye syndrome where blood vessels are thickened. In these cases, you must consult an optometrist.

Age related eye problems

As we age our eye muscles also functions less and as result people experience cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy. All the cases can be treated without harming your vision, if treated properly on time and with the right medications.

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