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Dental and Health Issues you can Avoid when you Visit your Dentist Regularly

In terms of dental care, putting off a dental visit can come back to haunt you. Visiting your dentist is not only essential for your oral and dental health but also for your overall health. Your dentist may give you options for their services such as dental implants, braces, root canal and more, depending on your dental condition. But, more importantly, you want your teeth and mouth checked to avoid the following issues:

Gum Disease

This disease is a common dental issue that impacts people of all walks and life and ages and a visit to a dentist can help prevent it. Gum disease results from poor hygiene. Your mouth’s bacteria will leave a plaque. Brushing your teeth on a regular basis eliminates most of the plaque; however, some spots, including the gum line, can only be seen by a dentist. The buildup of plaques can lead to the buildup of tartar, leaving the bacteria aggravating the gums. A simple redness and inflammation can result in periodontal disease when left untreated.


If your mouth is not checked by your dentist, the bacteria will find their way into the interior of the tooth and gums, forming infections that body may not be able to fight off. A dental abscess can cause pain and require an emergency dental visit. Usually, abscesses require root canal therapy and annual cleanings and exams could have prevented them.


The bacteria that cause gum disease can also cause cavities. They develop in the crevices of the tooth and produce a byproduct which eats away at your enamel. Eating sugary and acidic foods can speed up the process. Often, the first symptom to experience is pain. Once the cavity has deepened, a root canal therapy may be necessary. Your dentist can spot a cavity before it starts to do its job, possibly saving you from losing a tooth or undergoing a root canal therapy.

Heart Disease

It might be surprising to know the connection between dental health and heart disease. However, irritated gums can cause some issues in another body parts. Heart disease and stroke are common concerns. According to studies, chronic inflammation from periodontal disease can put stress on the cardiovascular system. Also, the disease is likely to exacerbate existing conditions. Gum infections can travel to any part of the body. That is why those who have gum disease may have more bacteria in their heart.

Visiting your dentist regularly will help you prevent any of these issues. Depending on your condition, it’s usually just a one-day appointment so make sure you make time for it.

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