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Choosing Bioidentical Physician for Hormone Replacement Therapy Made Easy

Hollywood has made hormone replacement therapy using natural bioidentical hormones quite popular. Since celebrities are claiming to have benefitted from this therapy, it has generated a spark of interest among the common people. Moreover, with books being published about the same are making women aware about the various treatment options. These treatments can give them their youth back with proper hormonal balance.

However, before you try to find the elixir of your youth from bioidentical hormone therapy, you must be aware that the success of your treatment is majorly dependent on the bioidentical physician. Therefore, it is imperative you may have few queries in your mind. Let’s understand how to opt for the best physician.

Search the medical board history

Most of the places in the States have website where you can check disciplinary actions against certain physicians. The disciplinary actions can be imposed by any individual or the federal government wherein if the physician has carried out some wrong practices or unsuccessful in any treatments.

Additionally, it will also give you the detailed overview of the doctor’s medical history. You can easily find out the doctor’s performance over the year, credibility towards clients, any recent new improvements provided by the individual, number of seminars attended and courses completed with hands on experience.

In short, you can understand the ranking of the physician. Obviously, the doctor who has the most credibility will be expensive but it will be worth the money.

Check the clinic

You must visit the clinic personally and understand the technology the doctor uses, what are the treatment procedures and get an insight. You must also analyze how updated the potential doctor is in the field and how many patients the individual checks per day.

You must also check the patient board. Usually patient board is present in the reception area, depicting success stories. Have a look and understand how much time is being consumed for the treatment and its outcome.


A physician should be transparent about the procedures of treatment. The doctor should explain you the process that you are supposed to undertake. Remember everyone is different and therefore they will respond differently to treatments. Check if the person is open to give time and discuss. It is advised that you must only opt for a treatment after complete understanding.

Check the internet

Any authenticated and well known bioidentical physician will have their own website. Check the services as a whole that the professional offers. Understand the pre and after treatments care.

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