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Building Sector- Health and Safety Tips

The building sector is full of hazards that require construction workers to be particularly careful when they’re working on a construction job. To be completed to the best standard, building projects require a lot of heavy materials and potentially dangerous machines. In this article, we’ll be exploring a few health and safety tips that you should take into account when you’re working a construction job.

Wear the appropriate protective equipment

Personal protective equipment is vital during construction jobs. Workers should always wear the correct equipment when they’re working on-site and should diligently ensure that their colleagues are doing the same. Personal protective equipment typically includes protective items such as head protection, gloves, goggles, ear defenders, and masks among many others.

Report any issues

No matter what the issue is, whether it’s something as small as a sign out of place or as hazardous as an improperly completed construction area, construction workers should report it as soon as possible. Construction sites rely on communication to keep a job running without any incidents.

Supply full training for your employees

The best way to ensure that your employees remain completely compliant with the health and safety rules of your construction site is to provide full health and safety in the workplace training. This training will teach them how to properly handle various aspects of their job (such as moving heavy loads by hand) and how to keep themselves safe while on-site. This should also be given to any external contacts who enter the site.

Keep work areas clear

Construction work can be messy, definitely, but once an area is completed, there’s no need to leave it surrounded by materials or machinery. Keep each work area as clean as possible, move any unneeded equipment, and be especially attentive in high-risk work areas.

Put up signs

Signage around building sites will make it much easier for your workers to understand which parts of the site are safe, and which parts are not. By putting up signs (consider the different languages that may be required) to tell your workers which protective gear they should be wearing, what hazards to expect in a particular area, and if an area is currently being worked on, you’ll be keeping them safe, and ensuring that everyone is meeting health and safety requirements on-site.

Keep certificates up-to-date

Each of your workers are likely to have their own sets of qualifications to work on a construction job in the building sector. You’ll want to have all relevant qualifications on file in an accessible place (preferably both hard and digital copies of those documents), and a system in place which informs you if any document or contract is about to expire. Compliance is a huge part of health and safety, and you don’t want anyone working with expired documents or an expired work contract.

Eat and stay hydrated

Our last point for this piece is to remind all workers in the building sector to eat regularly and stay hydrated. Construction work in the building sector is full of heavy lifting; it’s very demanding, manual, and physical work. Drinking lots of water and taking breaks is crucial to maintain safety standards.

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