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All You Need To Know About Integrative Cancer Treatment!

Cancer treatments have developed considerably in the last decade, but for people who are living with the disease, the options are still limited. Integrative cancer treatment involves the use of regular cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery along with special alternative therapies. Here are some of the things you need to know.

The need for integrative cancer treatment

Integrative cancer therapies often involve more than one line of treatment. For aggressive cancer treatments, chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery are still required, but with alternative interventions, it is possible to improve the quality of life of the concerned patient. It should be noted that conventional treatments are not discarded in this form of treatment, but there is no denying that these options are expensive and can be emotional, physically and financially draining for the patient.  The whole concept of alternative cancer treatments emerged a few years back, and many scientists and researchers are working on the subject. The therapies that are used for integrative treatment are backed by science and are usually powered by natural forms of healing, which do not harm the body in any way.

How does it work?

A whole range of alternative cancer treatments are now available for patients, but the treatment plan is typically decided by the doctors, based on the diagnosis, stage of cancer and other facts. A lot of traditional and alternative forms of treatment focus on the body’s natural power of healing and integrative cancer treatment attempts to harness the same. The patient gets to know his body and condition better, and with a few lifestyle and diet changes, one can do more and live better with cancer.

What are the options?

As mentioned, doctors consider a lot of things before starting integrative cancer treatment. In most cases, they try to understand the stage of cancer and whether the patient needs immediate treatment via chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. If the patient is doing better, they may suggest medications, therapies, and treatments, so that they can a better quality of life. In most cases, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and naturopathic medicine are used for reducing stress, pain, and anxiety that are associated with traditional cancer treatments. A part of the patient’s well-being is also dependent on diet and nutrition, and therefore, nutrition therapy can be considered. The whole process of oncology rehabilitation can be an extensive one, but most cancer patients have seen good results.

Since regular forms of cancer treatments can hinder a person’s mental and emotional wellbeing, doctors may suggest spiritual support, yoga, and meditation. In case the patient has considerable pain, pain management techniques are often used along with chiropractic care. Some of the conditions that cancer patients often face include anxiety, insomnia, depression, dry mouth, fatigue, loss of appetite, and memory problems. Some patients also complain of headaches, fatigue, nausea and weight loss, all of which can be treated with alternative therapies.

With a custom treatment plan, living with cancer can be easier than most patients and their families know!

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