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2018’s Best Portable Vaporizer

The truth is that vaporizing technology for the consumption of cannabis in recent years has really developed to new heights, and it would be unfair to say that any one company released the very best portable vaporizer this year. So many different companies have created devices with diverse priorities in mind, and it all depends on a user’s lifestyle and budget which device is best suited for them. That being said, there are of course a handful of models that truly implement the latest and greatest in their recently released portable vaporizer models, so here’s a few different ones that are well suited to certain lifestyles.

Firefly 2

    This little guy costs about 300$ but it’s the best portable vaporizer money can buy if you really value discretion, ease of use, and timeliness. Overall it looks very inconspicuous, almost like a portable hard drive or something of the sort, but it packs a major punch. Of course at this price, you shouldn’t be surprised that it utilizes the greatest of touch sensor technology to turn on and off on demand. There’s a bluetooth app that connects to your smartphone which allows you to create custom temperature profiles for different strains or concentrates, and the cherry on top is that it takes five seconds to heat up before you can use it. Definitely worth saving up for.

    Crafty Or Mighty

    Either the Crafty or the Mighty are another great product from the makers of the Volcano. Some people might cringe a bit at all the plastic, but it’s top quality medical grade plastic and ensures the exterior remains solid and unscratched. These are portable vaporizers that are better suited to people who aren’t exactly too concerned with hiding each and every session they have with it. They’re both quite bulky despite the Crafty being a smaller version of the Mighty, but they deliver 100% in terms of vapor quality and flavor.

    Boundless CFX

    Boundless has been a dependable portable vaporizer manufacturer from the start, and has often catered to people on tighter budgets than the aforementioned models. You might not get all the fancy touch sensors, but you get temperature control and sturdy parts, so what more could you need for as low as 120-150$?

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