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2018’s Best Portable Vaporizer

The truth is that vaporizing technology for the consumption of cannabis in recent years has really developed to new heights, and it would be unfair to say that any one company released the very best portable vaporizer this year. So many different companies have created devices with diverse priorities in …

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Symptoms and Causes of Colon Cancer

Whilst the ‘c’ word is always a frightening one, no form of cancer is more gut-wrenching than colon cancer. Colon cancer refers to cancer of the large intestine; it often starts out with benign clumps of cells forming within the intestine, which over time may develop to become cancerous. Symptoms …

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Pregnancy for Lesbian Couples: Choices, Treatments and Other Details

Your sexual orientation cannot dictate your choice of being pregnant. Lesbian women and couples around the world are now opting for shared motherhood – an experience that can be both satisfying and extremely emotional. It is also known as shared maternity and is achieved by the process known as reciprocal …

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