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Things you need to know about colonoscopy

It is very evident from the name what colonoscopy means. Colon is a part of the intestine that is just before the anus – it is the end of the large intestine and where feces are stored. “Scope” means to observe or inspect. Colonoscopy is a procedure that is done …

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Why it Matters What You Put on Your Skin

Be honest—have you ever really read the ingredients on the back of your skincare product labels? Many people don’t bother to read what their favourite skincare products are made out of; so long as those products are within their budget and seem to be working just fine, they couldn’t care …

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5 Healthier Beauty Choices

Many people are constantly trying to find ways to become more beautiful. Some are willing to go to great lengths and even consider extreme and potentially dangerous procedures just to improve their looks. We believe that health and beauty go hand in hand, and that everyone achieve true beauty and …

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All you need to know about the in home care for seniors

When it comes to taking care of the seniors at your home you need to take some special steps to ensure that they are safe. Especially when you are living in a different state or country for your livelihood, it becomes very important for you to ensure their safe living …

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